Groups, Representation Theory and Related Topics

Aims and Scope

The YAC'14 is a meeting primarily intended at Ph.D. Students and young Ph.D. recipients (1st/2nd/3rd year postdocs) working in the fields of Finite Groups, their Representation Theory and related topics.

The main goals are to provide young researchers an oppotunity to learn a new subject through summer school lectures and to present their research to their contemporaries through afternoon talk sessions. It should also enhance mathematical discussion and collaboration, help them form a network of colleagues and future collaborators and develop their understanding of the current state of research of the field.

Programme Summary

Mornings:  summer school
Lecture 1: Prof. Stephen Donkin [York]
Lecture 2: Dr. Tim Burness [Bristol]
Lecture 3: Dr. Olivier Dudas [Denis Diderot, Paris 7]

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  short talks by participants
Wednesday: Excursion