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SPONSORS of 2008 edition

We are always looking for sponsors, please feel free to contact us.

EPFL School of Engineering
Computer and Communication Sciences
Materials Science and Engineering
DIDEL Educational, Research and Hobby Robots or Systems.
WES Technik Systems and Components for RC-Home-Flyer, Micro Helis, ...
Lausanne Our city!
Logitech Logitech designs, manufactures and markets personal peripherals that enable people to effectively work, play, and communicate in the digital world.
Komax Professionals in Advanced Automation.
Herren Freres Tôlerie industrielle, installations sanitaires, ferblanterie, halles industrielles.

EPFL SmartRob Contest

The SmartRob Contest is a national competition open to students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and other technical high-schools. The competition is jointly organized every year by two EPFL laboratories:

Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO)

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS)

For a complete guide to research and education in robotics at EPFL, see the Robotics@EPFL web portal.

SmartRob 2009

Like last year we will suggest two categories: Hydrogen-powered and flying robots.

We had a meeting in October 2008 to build up the teams but we are still open to new applications.

Please go to the corresponding categories for more details.

The contest itself will take place during the Robotic Festival that will take place at EPFL in May 2009.

SmartRob 2008

The contest had two categories, one for wheeled and one for flying robots. The wheeled robots were supposed to pop balloons and collect nuts hidden inside ... and all this using a minimal amount of energy stored in the form of H2 gaz.

The flying robot category was a preparation for the European Micro Air Vehicle Flight Competition (EMAV). The student team lead by Severin Leven achieved an excellent second place in the outdoor autonomy competition, congratulations!

You can find all the details on the following web sites:

Wheeled Robot Category 2008

Flying Robot Category 2008

Festival de Robotique 2008

Certificate / Credit Points for other Courses

All students receive a certificate with a list of qualifications and technical expertise acquired to document their successful participation in the contest.

Furthermore, EPFL students can get credits for some courses for the participation at the contest. More information here.


The main organizers are:

See also the complete list of organizers.

Movies of last years contest

Part 1

Part 2


Some old websites are still online:

web site organizer
2000 edition LAMI
2001 edition ASL
2002 edition ASL
2003 edition ASL
2004 edition ASL+LIS
2005 edition ASL+LIS
2006 edition ASL+LIS

2007 edition
Categories: wheeled, flying
Organizers: LSRO+LIS

2008 edition
Categories: wheeled, flying
Organizers: LSRO+LIS


[16 May] Festival de Robotique & Contest.

[7 October] Student information session at 12h15. Location: GC A3 30