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The Pattern Recognition Lab's mission is to develop pattern recognition knowledge and technologies for the machine understanding of sensory information. It is oriented towards methods and systems for information understanding in the context of microsystems and their production environment.

Research topics

The lab main research topics focus on

  • microvision
  • 3D computer vision
  • perception systems

Research activities

Carried on in the frame of projects supported by public research institutions and private companies, the research activities concern subjects like three-dimensional vision and modeling, pattern recognition by neural networks, understanding of signals from chemical sensors, robotic and knowledge-based vision, handwriting recognition, quality control by visual inspection.


The Pattern recognition lab was founded in 1988 by Heinz Hügli. Issued from a team active in the Electronics and signal processing group at IMT, the lab was created around activities in speech recognition and image processing. Among the first projects carried on by the lab for industrial partners are imaging R&D work for large area electronic displays and timing applications. The lab gave birth to the prototype of the first videofinish camera and participated to the design of the giant displays used for open air sport events. This work gave the impulses to develop the basic knowledge and further research activities in pattern recognition.

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