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Prof. Pierre Gönczy
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Dr Harald Hirling
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Dr Sacha Sidjanski
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EPFL Life Sciences Symposium LSS2015, 2nd - 4th September 2015

This symposium will bring together leading scientists from around the world who make critical contributions to their respective fields, including cancer biology, immunology, neurobiology, stem cell biology and personalized medicine.

The School of Life Sciences at the EPFL hosts four institutes (Brain Mind, Bioengineering, Cancer Research (ISREC) and Global Health), which are embedded in a multidisciplinary environment that includes computer sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering (see www.epfl.ch for more information).

The Symposium will reflect this diversity and multidisciplinarity, featuring an outstanding group of scientists from different areas of the Life Sciences and Bioengineering.

We anticipate that the Symposium will enable rich scientific interactions to take place and provide a fantastic opportunity for doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows as well as senior scientists to discuss with leaders in their field.




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