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2-4 September 2009
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Organizers: Co-organizers:
Didier Trono Daniel Constam
Michel Aguet Wulfram Gerstner
Stewart Cole Gisou van der Goot
Douglas Hanahan Ruth Luthi-Carter
Jeffrey Hubbell Matthias Lutolf
Pierre Magistretti  



[details for each speaker]
Frances Arnold (USA) John Donoghue (USA) David Relman (USA)
David Baltimore (USA) Fred Gage (USA) Eran Segal (Israel)
Bonnie Bassler (USA) Tony Hunter (USA) Larry Squire (USA)
Hans Clevers (The Netherlands) Rudi Jaenisch (USA) Daniel Vasella (Switzerland)
Titia de Lange (USA) Peter Leadlay (UK) Inder Verma (USA)
John Dick (Canada) Susan Lindquist (USA) Olivier Voinnet (France)
Vishva Dixit (USA) Richard Morris (UK) Fiona Watt (UK)



.: The EPFL School of Life Sciences Inaugural Symposium

The future of biomedical research resides at the crossroads between its traditional disciplines, biology and medicine, and the sciences of informatics, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and the technologies of engineering.

Driven by this vision, the EPFL launched its School of Life Sciences in 2002. A few group leaders were soon recruited, and by the following fall a first flock of students joined the newly created bachelor program in Life Sciences & Technology.

Some forty-four faculty, 25,000 sq. meters of space, seven-hundred collaborators, five-hundred undergraduates and one Masters graduation ceremony later, the inauguration of our new research building gives us the opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished and to rejoice of what lays ahead.

To celebrate this occasion, the EPFL Life Sciences Inaugural Symposium will feature a group of outstanding scientists, each pioneering a new route of biomedical discovery. We look forward to have you join us for this landmark event.