About us

Our research is in the field of biomaterials, with applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery in mind. We tend to select research problems that require a substantial understanding of biology and that require the development of novel materials. As such, our group consists of people with backgrounds in chemical and biological engineering as well as cell and molecular biology,. Our materials focus at the moment is biological activity, whether the design and use of biological or biomimetic molecules, or the development of materials that can respond to biological signals. Our applications foci at the moment are (i) regenerative medicine, especially angiogenesis, bone healing, chronic dermal wound healing, and nerve regeneration; (ii) delivery of drugs to the cytoplasm or the nucleus, especially delivery of plasmid DNA and antisense oligonucleotides across the plasma membrane and into the appropriate intracellular targets; (iii) delivery of anticancer or antiproliferative drugs in difficult-to-reach loci using biological trafficking, especially within the peritoneum, the coronary artery wall, and the lymphatics; and (iv) development of immunomodulatory technology for vaccination and for tolerance induction. We strive to conceptualize new chemical approaches to materials for medicine and to drive them from concept to clinical evaluation. One material has been taken to clinic and marketplace (photopolymerized PEG- based macromers as a lung sealant), and two others are in clinical testing (two bioactive materials, one in chronic wound repair and one in bone repair).

News and events

The Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine and Pharmacobiology has closed in 2016.

Prof. Jeff Hubbel open a new lab at the Institute for Molecular Engineering of the University of Chicago, USA.

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