LMCE stopped its activities

Welcome to The Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory

The LMCE is jointly supported by the Environmental Engineering Institute at EPFL in Lausanne and the Department of Environmental Chemistry at Eawag in Zurich. 

Our mission

We aim to advance the understanding of chemical processes in water, focusing on global environmental challenges such as changes in the global ocean, treatment of water, and contamination of water resources. We use molecular simulations, thermodynamics, and mass transfer models to advance both fundamental concepts and quantitative understanding of chemical behavior in water environments.

Chemical modeling is a cross-cutting theme in our work, as we try to understand molecule-scale energy landscapes and related inter-molecular interactions that are associated with aqueous chemical processes. Our ongoing efforts contribute insights into chemical processes in different areas of environmental concern, including the aqueous dissolution of oil accidentally released into the deep sea, the stabilities and reaction pathways of chemical disinfection agents used in drinking water treatment, the partitioning of organic contaminants during wastewater separation, and other phenomena occurring in water.