Research at the LBTC is focused on the expression of recombinant proteins from suspension cultures of animal cells, the major approach to therapeutic protein production in the biotechnology industry. We are investigating three major thematic areas:

Transient gene expression.
We are optimizing the delivery of plasmid DNA with cationic polymers and other chemicals that have impact on DNA delivery to enhance the transient production of recombinant proteins. Through studies of the uptake and disassembly of polymer-DNA complexes in mammalian cells we have significantly increased recombinant protein productivity from transiently transfected cells.

Gene transfer for the generation of high-producing cell lines.
Most non-viral gene delivery methods do not allow control of the amount and timing of DNA into the nucleus. We investigated microinjection as a tool for DNA delivery for cell line generation. We have developed efficient methods for the recovery of high-producing cell lines.

Orbital shaking technology for the cultivation of animal cells in suspension.
We have developed novel disposable bioreactor systems using orbital shaking technology to reduce the cost and shorten the time needed for recombinant protein production. This recently developed technology has been successfully scaled up to 100 L and is being tested at the 1’000 L scale in a custom-designed disposable bioreactor.


The Laboratory of Cellular Biotechnology has closed at the end of March 2015. The research work performed during the last 20 years is publicly available through our publications and theses. Thanks for your visit, and enjoy reading our web pages.