Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems
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Prof. Johan Auwerx
Prof. Martin Gijs

Symposium Latsis EPFL 2016

14th – 16th november 2016, EPFL – Lausanne, Switzerland

About the symposium

The “Symposium Latsis EPFL 2016” on the topic “Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems” will be held at the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) on the shoreline of the beautiful Lac Léman, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Studies of living organisms like nematodes and invertebrate embryos in controlled spatio-temporal chemical environments on microfluidic chips are gaining momentum, as these animals offer genetic amenability, low-cost, and culture conditions that are compatible with large-scale screens, while not raising ethical issues.

The 2.5-day Latsis Symposium wants to bridge the gap between microfluidic systems and biological model organism research, by providing an interdisciplinary forum on the technology and applications of microfluidic systems for studies of multicellular organisms in medicine and biology. Invited and Contributed Presentations cover the topics of microfluidic technologies, organism (neuro-)biology, on-chip manipulation and imaging, development studies, screening, and in vivo diagnostic applications.


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