Keyvisual Femtoblue

Based on advanced group-III nitride epitaxial growth and device fabrication techniques, we have developed novel InGaN/GaN laser diode structures producing femtosecond pulses in the Dicke superradiance and modelocking regimes.
To achieve this goal we have investigated several group III-nitride heterostructures and optical cavity designs operating in three different dynamic regimes.

This new technology will lay the foundation for miniature portable femtosecond lasers in the blue-violet that will replace traditional sources like mode-locked frequency doubled Ti: Sapphire lasers, Xenon and dye lasers. It will enable numerous new techniques and developments in the fields of ultrafast optical spectroscopy, high-resolution lithography, quantum optics, optical comb frequency standards, fluorescence decay analysis and biomedical diagnostic to be used without bulky laboratory installations.

The research has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013, Future and Emerging Technologies - FET)  under grant agreement n° 238556.