Friedrich Miescher Institute
May 4th - May 9th 2014, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland
Centro Stefano Franscini



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The discrete logarithm problem for finite fields, elliptic curves and algebraic curves of higher genus over finite fields is one of the most challenging open questions in mathematical cryptology. Various theoretical aspects of the problem have been extensively studied in the past decade. These include Weil descent attacks, index calculus attacks using Semaev polynomials via systems of polynomial equations, subexponential attacks for curves over binary extensions, and random self-reducibility of the discrete logarithm problem in an isogeny class. Very recently, quasi-polynomial time algorithms have been announced for certain finite fields. On a practical level, new records have been set via parallel versions of the Pollard rho algorithm using extra endomorphisms (such as hyperelliptic involutions or Frobenius endomorphisms) to speed up the implementation. The goal of the conference is to bridge the theoretical and practical aspects of the problem allowing for better collaboration between different research communities that work on this problem.
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