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Colibri Project

Colibri is a project realised by microengineering students of EPFL. 

The goal is to design a  high dynamic 6 degrees of freedom freeflyer, able to fly in 0g.

The freeflyer will be tested this summer, during the 8th ESA student parbolic flight campaign.

News - 20th September 2006

News - 30th August 2005

News - 10th August 2005

News - 28th July 2005

News - 27th July 2005

News - 25th July 2005


(Comming soon)

Have a look!

News - 20th July 2005 - D-5

News - 18th July 2005

Departure tomorrow...

AT LAST!!!! The moment we've been waiting for so long... Let's go flying!

Don't hesitate to have a look at our adventures online! To begin with, you can read the first article about the swiss teams in today's Le Temps newspaper and have a look at some pictures.

News - 30th June

At last some news about our project. We've handed out the part that counts as semester project for our lab, but it doesn't mean that we can stop working!

The building of the Colibri is now completed, but there is still some programming work to do. We'll be able to start the first tests next week.

We plan to train the operationnal procedures and drill our reaction to different problems in order to be effective during the flights.

Next week, there will be an article about our team and the other swiss teams in the newspaper Le Temps.

News - 31st May 2005

The construction of the Colibri is almost done, but we work on many other topics.

Among the numerous tests, we wanted to caracterise our pressure system. The result!


We added new sponsors in our page. Our thanks to Merztechnic and Xsens for their help.

News - 17th May 2005

We can show you now a picture of the real Colibri with the placement of its various elements. Have a thought for Nicolas, who built it almost on his own, even manufacturing the braquets himself. I leave it to you to count all the screws...

We just learned that we will be in the second group of students during the campaign. Thus we will be in Bordeau from the 19th to the 18th of July. The flights will take place on the 26th and 27th. Still a long time to wait...

We are lucky to have our journalist, Mr. Herbez from "Le Temps" who will come and fly with us. He will write articles about the 4 swiss teams : Flash & Splash, Zero-G-Nius, Space Girls Reloaded et Colibri.

News - 10th May 2005

Have a look at the 8th student parabolic flight campaign here.

News - 28th April 2005

Website update :

First look at the future Colibri? See the module schema.

The freeflyer descrition was also updated and we now have a page presenting the media reports about us.

News - 29th March 2005


Team presentations, various ESA and Novespace presentations, meetings with experts ready to find the faults of our system... 2 very long first days (8 a.m. - 7 p.m.!)

The first conclusions are positive. Our presentation and our poster were a succes because our experiment seams so fun and interesting! The different adviser we met were a bit worried about the mass of the freeflyer and we had to change the experiment set up, but in the whole, everything´s ok. We still have a lot of work to do, but it´s worth it!

News - 28th March 2005

We are currently in Noordwijk (The Netherland) to take part in the worshop organised by ESA. From the 29th to the 31st will have the opportunity to present our project to the experts and the other teams. We will also benefit from the advises of ESA scientists.

News - 8th March 2005

We are selected for this year campaign!!!

News - 7th March 2005

Our team is in the shortlist. Final results tomorrow...

News - 29th January 2005

We submitted our application form to ESA. Results in March...

News - 25th January 2005

Welcome to the Colibri Project web site!

We are now preparing our application form for the ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign.


Write to us at:

colibri DOT groupes AT epfl DOT ch